Monday, April 28, 2014

Denver, Colorado

Instant City Tour Denver

Photographs made with multiple instant cameras and film.
April has been declared “Polaroid” month by Instant Film lovers in France and Italy. So my Instant and Film Photo Artists group and I decided to heed the challenge. Since many members of our Instant Film Group live around the world,  we thought it would be really fun to take instant film shots in our respective hometowns to let everyone have an “Instant City Tour via Instant Film.” For this challenge, I chose to utilize several different instant film cameras and films. I used my Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid 680 SLR cameras using The Impossible Project Films (Color Protection, Gen. 2.0, Silver and Gold frame, some expired film), the Polaroid Land Camera 250 using Fuji FPC100 and 3000B, and the Fuji Instax Wide using Fuji film.  As you will see as I went around Denver, Colorado, shooting away, and experienced a variety of results. Many not realized as I had envisioned but a fun challenge! I hope you enjoy your visit to Denver, Colorado.  Enjoy and exploring the world!


  1. Oh Carole, there's so much good stuff here. Some of my favorites are on the unique TIP films ofcourse... The beauty it produces is mesmerizing... Oh, I'm LOVING Fredo's picture!! swoon... You must have had SO much fun. ;) Haha... the bang! is awesome too...

  2. love the color and lines of Union Station. Historic 32nd Street is a beauty as well.
    Wonderful images.

  3. love how you have laid everything out on your blog, fantastic shots