Monday, April 28, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

Instax Around the Neighborhood

By: Jeff Carr
All photographs made with Fuji Instax Wide camera using Fuji film.
A couple April Fujifilm Instax images from around the Grant Park:

Front yard, Easter morning:
Part of our backyard, late afternoon:

And a couple in the adjoining neighborhood of Summerhill:

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  1. These are fun Jeff! I love how you've focused in on one particular neighborhood. What a treat! Thanks for joining in too. :)

  2. Thanks for inclding me Gerri!

  3. And I'll say it again here, LOOOOOVE the first two! :)
    (and that last one is kinda cute... with the "bye" drawing)

  4. Nini - much obliged for the comments! :)

  5. Really lovely colors achieved with your Instax! So enjoyable to have a visual tour of the two Atlanta neighborhoods! And yes, the two first photos make it feel like you are already in the midst of summer! Nice collection of shots, Jeff.